RASD Uganda

RASD is committed to promoting sustainable development in the areas of agriculture, environmental health and education. It also seeks to promote access to information and resources for the communities it serves. It repsonds locally to the national challenges and issues that faces Uganda








Over the years, RASD has become an important actor with regards to the research of better agricultural techniques that could increase the food supply in the region. Several projects have been implemented in cooperation with the University of California Davis, ZARDI-Mukono, Uganda Christian University and Makarere University..



RASD promotes sustainable environmental practices by supporting and distributing environmentally friendly technologies. RASD has a history of ecological interventions. It has aided in the planting of trees in the local community, distributed and promoted wood-saving rocket rolena stoves, and has educated the greater community on sustainable practices



In collaboration with Duke University, University of California Davis and the US Embassy in Uganda, the RASD is heavily involved in lowering the disparities due to poor sanitation practices and water standards. Amongst others projects, this action includes the promotion of health education, aid in the construction of latrines and building of water tanks.




Lack of access to information and resources remains big problem in Uganda. RASD dedicated its efforts to improve the access to information by equipping RASD's resource center with reading materials and expanding the internet café. In addition RASD supports vulnerable children

to obtain both a primary and secondary education.

RASD's projects encompass general health improvement, assistance for orphans, water quality and availability, sanitation, vocational training and agricultural needs. The organization's master plan calls for it to ultimately become self-sustaining by selling items produced by its occupational training programs. RASD has received broad support from the community in the form of private donations, and volunteer efforts as well as from the local government, the Nkokonjeru Town Council.


Some of our efforts have focused on education and outreach to the Mukono and Kayunga districts concerning agriculture, water, hygiene, sanitation and water handling all of which are related to the prevention of water borne disease. One example of RASD’s outreach work is a recent program managed by the town health inspector that educated both school children and adults on the importance of removing plastic from the refuse stream. Importantly, though our projects are now extremely diversified, water and sanitation have been top priorities for RASD since its inception. Detailed information regarding our activities can be found in the Projects section.






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